Вышел новый патч для "Гильдии 2" версии v1.20. На скачку доступен патч для английской, немецкой и французкой версии игры.

multiplayer bugs
- out-of-sync in the window "waiting for players"
- Multiplayer- loading improved
- Memory-leaks fixed
- Internet Lobby-Chat fixed
- the names you give your children are not visible to other players
- Internet game: Out of sync error when host increases the game speed
- out-of-sync after loading a MP-savegame
- out-of-sync when buying a title when camera is not in city hall
- out-of-sync, when a player has completed his/her task
- when a router was used to connect to the internet there could be problems connecting to a multiplayer game
- privilegues of offices were sometimes hidden after loading an MP savegame
- out-of-sync, if the previously played singelplayer game had run at different settings then the MP game
- the host can kick unwanted players with a double click from the party
- singleplayer savegames were overriding MP savegames and visa versa
- during long periods of play the text colours of the players sometimes changed
- building names and religions could be different in LAN games
- list of all players currently in MP lobby: enter "who" in chat

crash & BtD
- multiple clicks in the family tree could trigger a crash
- after entering the multiplayer lobby a BtD could occur
- BtD could occur after loading a savegame
- BtD could occur when clicking on the family tree late in the game
- BtD could occur when switching back to the main menu from a running game

major bugs
- family tree dissappeared when the first generation of player chars died out
- involved chars left townhall during meetings
- player characters were continuously blocked by conversations with other characters in meetings with no chance of using their measures
- family members not in the party will now loose far smaller amounts of money when robbed
- resources did run out on the market
- spying was impossible
- deceased trial attendants recieve punishment for absence
- if a party char was working, after changing the owner all party chars could work
- the button "don't go" in the dueling message did not function
- deceased office bearers blocked their office for others
- after the measure "Forgive sins" all evidence remained
- expired evidence remained
- evidence against deceased characters remained
- after upgrading to level 3 some buildings could not be entered
- EP & talent problems with chars aquired through marriage
- "pay bonus" lets high level workers work slower
- during a court session it could happen that the decision makers left the city hall
- "administrate building": AI-master changed from "automatic" back to "player" after multiple buildings
- Squads sometimes did not carry out orders
- kidnapped characters sometimes remained in the thiefsguild dungeon
- it was possible to buy large quantities of goods on the market and sell them at a later point for a much larger sum
- in singleplayer mode the game could freeze between 1432 and 1440
- continuous performance loss during long game session
- in court sessions decisions from judge and owner were not calculated correctly
- the favour relationship with important dynasties deteriorated during the course of a game session
- Display problem in the building upgrade interface that prevented upgrading all levels
- heavy performance loss could occur when too much evidence was collected in the evidence book
- after selling a cart it could happen that a newly bought one wasnt displayed
- when robbing a cart the city guard sometimes only attacked one robber while the others were left unhindered
- characters now run to important appointments instead of walking there
- sometimes the marrage wasnt performed to conclusion and had to be manually cancelled
- break ins no longer yield 25.000 gold
- if a wooed character is jailed, unconcious or involved in a fight the wooing progress is now frozen for that time

minor bugs
- in the message for settling disputes a wrong character name was displayed
- the player recieved messages for failed interactions for family members not in the group
- children can no longer be the victims of a pick pocket
- problems with deceased beloved
- when a farmer changes his field the animals remain
- when the mother of a child is not in the party the name of a child can not be given
- when a party character was working and then removed from the party he/she continued working
- the AI was inspecting the same business far too often
- wooing display stays up when wooed person is deselected
- when building the smithy a message was displayed which was missing the heading and the icon
- problems with slider bar in farm productions menu
- when loading a savegame while playing a tutorial, the tutorial texts would continue to be displayed
- the burglar protection wasnt displayed properly on buildings
- wrong date in diary
- the measure "follow me" will from now on work only for wooed, employees and family members
- the wedding jingle wasnt played
- in chapter 7 of the tutorial, the last step was not playable
- the money sums in the messages "take a bath" and "dance" are now displayed

- divers changes in the robber and thief class
- tax: the tax is now deducted straight away when buying goods, not at the end of the round
- dynasty characters can now perform all the measures of their employees exept for demand ransom spy on building and kidnap
- dynasty chars now gain experience for every hour worked in their business except for the robber class
- divers changes in the efficiency of the businesses
- AI now puts more goods on the market
- none player characters now also buy on the market
- the amount of level 1 and 2 goods on the market were reduced on game start
- the production processes of the tavern were simplified and consumption brings more profit now

- the upper limit of the businesses owned for a title was raised commoner = 2, citizen = 4, patrician = 8, nobleman = 16, landgrave = 32, baron = 64
- the wages of employees continuously increase during the game
- the impact of level 2 productivity upgrades for buildings was reduced
- the choices for possible spouses are now limited to a maximum difference of one level of office above that of the player char

Multiplayer game
If >The Guild 2< is played via network with an activated firewall you have to open the following ports:
- (TCP/IP, UDP) 2801
- (TCP/IP, UDP) 2816
- (TCP/IP, UDP) 30180

If >The Guild 2< is hosted on a computer which is connected to the internet using a router, experts(!) may proceed with the following steps:
- activate Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) on the router
- additional Ports: (TCP/IP, UDP) 15666 (Host-/Server-Port)
- include [HostIP=""] in the Config.ini in order to define the locally used ip interface and the port