Новый патч для Dark Messiah of Might & Magic содержит достаточно серьёзные изменения.

Добавлен новый уровень сложности - "Hardcore". Произведён небольшой ребаналс силы и здоровья NPC на всех уровнях сложности. (Данные исправления будут работать только при начале новой игры). Добавлена опция выбора текстур "Средние" и "Высокие".

Также добавлена возможность установки например средних текстур ландшафта, но высоких текстур у NPC. Устранены ряд проблем с графическими картами GeForce FX. Устранена ошибка с бессмертностью гигантского паука. Здоровье Арантира (Arantir) было увеличено. Финальный босс был также ребалансирован. Улучшена работа с воспроизведением BINK видео.

Размер патча всего 24 мб.

Patch 1.2 changes and bug fixes

- Combat Difficulty is now properly saved and restored when exiting the game and reloading a saved game (Hard mode difficulty was previously not restored, so, unfortunately, everybody was playing "Normal" after reloading) [WILL NOT WORK ON SAVED GAME DONE BEFORE PATCHING]
- Added a new "Hardcore" difficulty mode
- Re-balanced NPC's strength & health on the second half of the game for all difficulty modes [WILL NOT WORK ON THE CURRENT CHAPTER BEING PLAYED IN A SAVED GAME DONE BEFORE PATCHING]
- Added an intermediary "Texture" setting between "Medium" & "High".
"High" could create an overload with some video card memory: so, to offer more scalability, it has been renamed to "Very High" and the "High" option now offers "Medium" textures for the scenery but "High" textures for the NPCs.
- No More Crash when NPC's beheaded (that happened with the “head_link” error message)
- Fixed the black Bink playback problem with GeForce FX video cards
- Fix FPS drops with GeForce 6800
- No More graphical glitch on GeForce FX cards when player is under water
- No More graphical glitch on GeForce FX cards when player is being hit or is almost dead.
- No More graphical glitch on GeForce FX cards when equipping a Magic Weapon. If you still have trouble, please set GFX Detail to “Low”
- Fixed additional stuttering problems, linked to Expression files being read while they should not
- Fixed Random Crashes due to a memory patch in the decal system
- Fixed a crash that could appear very rarely on the Tutorial map if Phenrig played his reference base animation
- Fixed Crash on Telekinesis used on a NPC after having frozen & kicked him
- Fixed a crash at the end of chapter 07 if you equipped telekinesis when the mage was talking to you
- Fixed a showstopper bug with Percy in Chapter 09
- Saved Game system changed to the new Async System to prevent too much stuttering when the game is auto saving (if you’re still experiencing problems, you may want to disable the Auto Save feature in the “Gameplay” options menu)
- GFX Option is now properly Saved
- Convar mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware is now correctly handled depending on PC specs
- Avoid Rope Bow from disappearing under the world surface before getting it.
- Fixed inconsistency with the way Xana behaves during “City of Flames” chapter events depending on player’s choices
- Fixed a bug where the giant spider was not spawned at all.
- Fixed a bug with some potions being destroyed on map spawn in the “Temple of the Spider” chapter
- GFX Detail level Option is now properly translated in the French version
- Avoid user being stuck in the walls while using the Rope Bow
- Final Boss has been re-balanced
- Removed some dev button that could be found behind some walls in the Epilogue
- Fixed the way some objectives were badly managed with the Pao Kai in the last chapter
- Removed an improper “use” flag on some wooden beams in “Gleam of a Cold Knife”
- NPC immune to Telekinesis can't be grabbed using Telekinesis Spell when they are in ragdoll behavior
- Arrows that are out of the Game world are now Removed properly to prevent Framerate from decreasing to zero
- Max number of potions/food you can stack in your inventory is now properly checked
- Avoid the Ghoul script from being broken in some cases if player used the bow to attack the creature in “Dead Man's Trail”
- Remove small memory leak on the Particle System (about 100Kb was lost on each load/restart/map change)
- Remove small memory leak on clear value
- Better memory management with BINK playback
- Disabled two auto save points just before change level that could lead to corrupted saved game in Chapter 05
- Prevent a specific mana potion from disappearing from player inventory during Chapter 05
- Spells against the player now deal the correct amount of damage depending on difficulty mode
- Vampire Knights will now always correctly play their stun animation
- Arantir's Health has been increased
- Game will not auto save twice when triggering the final events in the Epilogue
- Added missing precache on Undead spawned by Necromancer Lord
- Decrease probability of Virtual Memory fragmentation that could lead program to run out of memory ("Memory Can't Be Read" crash on Loading Screen) (please see below if you're still experiencing very repetititve crashes during loading)

Low on Virtual Memory:

For certain users, the lack of virtual memory can make Dark Messiah unstable. If you face this problem we recommend that you ensure that your Virtual Memory in Windows XP is set at 4G.
How to set your virtual memory:
- in the “Start” menu, select ‘Settings” and then “Control Panel”
- In “Control Panel” double click on the “System” icon
- Once in the “System” window select “Advanced”
- Select the “Settings” button on the “Performance” section
- In the new window, select the “advanced” tab and click on the “Change” button of the “Virtual Memory” section
- In both the minimum and maximum spaces enter “4096” (without the quotes)
- To validate this modification, click on the “Set” and then on the “OK” button to close the box
- You must reboot your PC for these changes to take effect.

Patch 1.1 changes and bug fixes

- Crash fixed on Save/Load if player has an object in their hands.
- Health and poison effects are no longer displayed during credits.
- Player’s hands don’t appear behind the credits when you combine the Skull of Shadows with an equipped spell.
- All game menus are hidden when a video starts.
- Problem fixed when the player tries to switch between Xana mode and an equipped scroll.
- Indestructible shields are now really indestructible :)
- Crash fixed when the player tries to throw a dagger, then immediately jumps and parries.
- Crash fixed when the player tries to switch between casting a fireball and taking an object.
- The DM fonts now support all Eastern European languages.
- Bug fixed. Player cannot re-use a scroll multiple times after switching to Xana mode.
- Saving is now disabled during end game credits to avoid system anomalies.
- The player now dismounts correctly from the top of ladders, even when moving backward.
- Leanna no longer shows the wrong animation when exiting from the giant spider’s lair.
- Fixed a bug that could occur when saving a game at the end of level 12_A. The chain that allows you to exit from that part of the level won’t be shortened (unusable) if you reload at this point.
- Instantaneous spells (Magic Protection, Heal, Wizard Eye) no longer break other spells like Firetrap.
- Climbing NPCs can't be charmed and fall if shrunken.
- Bug fixed that allowed player to break the planks from the last house of the l07_a without being inside the house.
- Bug fixed. When the player uses magic against Aratrok, his bodyguards now react.
- Fixed getting stuck on door on Level 11, when jumping on a rope attached to it.
- Fixed weapon being unequipped after jumping in certain conditions
- Fixed when pressing E multiple time in certain conditions would quicksave the game
- Fixed when pressing E very quickly to get his backpack back at a specific location, backpack was recovered but all objects were missing
- Localisation: while in game pressing esc and then switchwing to MP, the confirmation window was not tranlsated.
- Fixed not being able to take any objects under certain conditions
- Fixed game crash after de-equipping a weapon in certain conditions
- Fixed a potential first person hands animation problems
- Fixed being stuck sometimes in some specific locations close to stairs
- Fixed looping dagger and staff sound when doing a power attack and parrying in the middle.
- Fixed some scrolls that could be used several times (much like a spell)
- Fixed teleporting that could occur when using lockpick
- Fixed Fireball staying stuck to the player until it explodes
- Localisation: German: fixed improper wall signs
- Fixed the mission failed message not appearing when killing the wounded guard on the island.
- Fixed, shrinked enemies are now sensitive to melee weapon
- Fixed a crashwhen killing a NPC with a fire weapon when he is knee deep in the water
- Fixed Percy getting stuck in a window
- Fixed Percy not reacting properly to certain players choice (avoiding spoiler)
- Fixed a certain NPC (still avoiding spoiler..) still looking Alive when he is should be dead
- Fixed invisible wall present on level 7
- Fixed a crash when at the raggdoll in level 2 with a fire arrow spell
- Fixed collision disapearing on Trap behing the barn after a reload
- Fixed lockping becoming a weapon (melee animations played)
- Fixed Lighting bolt scroll not working
- Fixed issue with telekeninesis not always working as intended
- Fixed issues with "Adjust Brightness Level" still being in game after using it in the menu.

Special fix for language problems:
If you don't have the language you selected during the installation of Dark Messiah, please follow these instructions:

- In the following folder you'll find files named ".reg" : C:1f60b:rogram FilesUbisoftDark Messiah of Might and MagicSupport

- Double click on the .reg file of the language you wish to use. (Note: This won't CHANGE the language, only repair it).
- Click 'Yes' then 'OK'.
- Your Steam register key has been updated to your chosen language. Your game is now correctly set.
Technical issues
Single player:
Steam and retail versions:
It is not recommended that you install both steam and DVD version of DM on the same machine.

Make sure to have all latest drivers:
- including your CPU drivers for XP:
AMD: http://www.amd.com/gb-uk/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871,00.html?redir=SDT303
Intel: Communications
- Video card manufacturer
- Sound cards

If you have a Nvidia 6 series:
Strangely it seems that some Nvidia 6 series video cards (6800 ultra for instance) don’t work well on the latest drivers with DM. Reverting to older drivers 84.21 seems to fix that problem.

If you have the demo installed:
- It seems that it may create a problem for some users. You should uninstall it prior to installing the game.
- If the game is already installed we advise you to uninstall it, then uninstall the demo, and then reinstall the game.

Video settings:
If you encounter bad performance or instability:
- Make sure to bring all your visual settings to the minimum,
- Texture quality should be set it to medium or low
- Disabling HDR may be of great help on some systems
- For steam users, make sure to run a file integrity check, maybe some files got corrupted during the install.

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